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Jamal Salman

CEO, Principal

Mr. Salman has more than 31 years of experience in transportation engineering and has spent the majority of his career improving infrastructure and successfully leading large-scale highway design projects across Southern California. He has built strong relationships over his vast experience delivering successful PA/ED and PS&E projects with local agencies. Directly involved throughout project duration, Mr. Salman’s track record in expedited and within budget project deliveries has earned him the highest respect from his colleagues as he is well-known for being a dedicated delivery manager. He also worked directly for Caltrans for over 11 years, and, as a result, is intimately familiar with current Caltrans design policies and procedures.

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Karen Cohoe


Principal, Project Manager

Ms. Cohoe has 12 years of experience working with clients in the public and private sectors to deliver infrastructure projects.  She has successfully worked with Caltrans staff as a day-to-day coordinator to facilitate the delivery of PA/ED and PS&E phase projects.  Ms. Cohoe has successfully been able to coordinate between multiple functional units to ensure that all documentation reflects consistent information.  She is flexible in working with District staff and has worked alongside them to develop solutions.  She has effectively worked with Caltrans Districts 7 and 12, OCTA, the Counties of Los Angeles and Orange, multiple cities, and the public to help build consensus on various project efforts.  Additionally, through the range of projects that she has worked on, she has become familiar with Caltrans’ design policies and procedures.  On each of these projects, she has also been responsible for managing scope, schedule, budget, and tracking labor resources on a weekly basis.

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Isaac Alonso Rice

President, Transportation Manager

Mr. Alonso Rice is a registered civil and traffic engineer in the State of California with over 30 years of experience in all phases of project development, roadway design, traffic operations and design, and construction traffic management, including several corridor widening projects involving complex and imaginative construction staging solutions. His 30 years of transportation engineering experience include 23 years working for Caltrans Districts 7 and 12 with responsibilities as a Senior Transportation Engineer in the areas of roadway design, traffic operations, and policy development and oversight of Transportation Management Plans used for construction staging strategies. Over the years, either in a designer or managing role, Mr. Alonso Rice has been part of a range of projects that allowed him to acquire extensive knowledge of Caltrans policies and procedures, and a track record for developing creative solutions to complex design and construction staging challenges.



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Garry Cohoe

Senior Vice President

Garry Cohoe is a results-oriented project manager offering over 32 years of diverse management experience in the transportation field. Mr. Cohoe has a proven track record in managing multibillion-dollar transportation programs and managing high profile projects by utilizing strong leadership, strategic planning, team building, and effective contract management. He is recognized for excellent relationship building skills with partner agencies while advocating for the client’s interests.





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Haoyuan “Tim” Liu

Senior Design Engineer

Dr. Liu has over ten years of experience in multiple aspects of roadway projects. He has assisted clients on urban developments including street widening, intersection improvements, utility and storm drain systems, and vehicular and pedestrian safety enhancements. Has also has extensive experience in various grade separation projects for BNSF, Union Pacific Railroad, Metrolink throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties and the Inland Empire. Mr. Liu has comprehensive PSR, PA/ED, PS&E, and construction support experience in roadway alignment/realignment, corridor widening, traffic safety enhancement, bridge replacement/new bridge construction; large scale state highway improvements – freeway/expressway mainline and interchanges from various Caltrans districts.                                                                                                                                                                  

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Ziyin “David” Shen

Senior Design Engineer

Ziyin (David) Shen is highly proficient in hydrology and hydraulics and has 14 years of experience in these areas for numerous types of civil engineering projects. With two master degrees focused on hydrology and environmental engineering, his areas of expertise includes the design of drainage and flood control facilities, development of stormwater runoff management, design of storm drains. Also experienced in water quality treatment, hydromodification management plan, watershed management, low impact development, floodplain impact/modification evaluations and stormwater quality management plans. He is very versed in local standards and guidelines governing hydrology and hydraulics and the computer programs used in their analysis and design.

Dai Picture.png

Dai Nguyen

Design Engineer

Mr. Nguyen is a registered civil engineer with experience in transportation, construction, and electrical engineering projects. Through his working experience, Mr. Nguyen has experience and has been responsible for the street design of several projects and has contributed to the infrastructure design of many shopping centers, restaurants, and schools throughout Southern California. Currently, Mr. Nguyen has joined Advanced Civil Technologies, and he has been responsible for traffic design projects.