California’s ever-growing infrastructure demands innovative solutions to keep transportation moving. We’re delivering creative and economical highway improvements that will be reliable for years to come.

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California is renowned for its ever-growing population. Yet while so many are proud to call the Golden State their home, the highways of the west coast find themselves struggling to keep up with increased transportation demand. Providing improvements to the interstates and state routes is often challenging, however; our region’s dense infrastructure translates into limited Right-Of-Way to expand travel facilities, and accommodating peak hour traffic while construction occurs can prove a tough balancing act.

Advanced Civil Technologies is paving the way for tomorrow while rising to meet these challenges head on. Our design staff is experienced in delivering all manner of improvements, including highway widenings, express lanes, safety enhancements, and more, serving all regions of Southern California. From the high desert of the Inland Empire to the Pacific Coast Highway, we’re preparing the Golden State for the future of transportation.

Our success lies in a proven delivery approach that emphasizes budget, schedule, safety, and quality. By analyzing traffic studies and existing roadway conditions, we can identify current deficiencies and develop innovative, cost-effective solutions. Our expert understanding of city, county, and state-specific design standards enables us to create solutions that minimize congestion and mitigate future traffic accidents. Most importantly, by working closely with transportation agencies, stakeholders, and subconsultants, we can balance the needs of all parties involved and keep projects moving forward through the approval process.

highway design services include:



-Project Management

-Construction Support

-Traffic Handling/MOT


-Hydraulic/Floodplain Studies

-Public Outreach


Sample Projects:

I-5 Widening PS&E

Oso Parkway to Alicia Parkway