I-5/El Camino Real Ramp Modifications And Soundwall Implementation

In order to alleviate noise impacts from I-5 on San Clemente residents, ACT Consulting supported the development of the final design package for improvements to the southbound on-ramp from El Camino Real and implementation of a soundwall at the El Camino Real Undercrossing.  As part of a team, ACT Consulting prepared the signing, striping, and electrical plans.  The soundwall was constructed in two different segments along southbound I-5.  The first segment was built along the mainline across the structure, while the second segment was build along the southbound on-ramp and connected to an existing soundwall on the I-5 mainline south of the ramp.  The PS&E was prepared on an accelerated schedule in order to address resident concerns and to secure funding.

The project had many complexities, especially with the placement of the soundwall on the El Camino Real Undercrossing, a steel structure.  The team allowed for the use of Paraglas for the portion of the wall on the bridge, in an effort to ensure that it can sustain the added weight of the wall as well as deflections during construction.  This alternative material was approved and was the first constructed within State right-of-way in California.  The project was delivered on schedule and construction is complete.


I-5 Widening Project from SR-73 to El Toro Road PA/ED, South Orange County, CA.

ACT Consulting supported the preparation of the Project Report and Environmental Document for approximately six miles of mainline widening on I-5 from SR-73 to El Toro Road. Because of the strict right-of-way constraints, the project team explored creative geometric options to reduce  impacts to adjacent business and residents as much as possible. This  project includes the widening of multiple structures; replacement of the Avery Parkway, La Paz Road, and Los Alisos Boulevard structures; retaining wall; soundwalls; drainage improvements; utility re-locations; and reconfiguration for the I-5/Avery Parkway inter-change to provide additional capacity. 

ACT Consulting was responsible for preparing the TMP and construction staging concepts. The project was delivered on an expedited schedule to meet the commitments made in OCTA’s M2020 plan for delivery of projects under Renewed measure M.


I-5/SR-126 Interchange Improvements PSR/PR/ED/PS&E

ACT Consulting supported all phases of the alternative design for improvements to the I-5/SR-126 interchange in north Los Angeles County. The project included the reconstruction of an existing system-to-system interchange to provide missing directional movements and improve circulation, including the replacement of two overcrossing structures, reconfiguration of the exit and entrance ramps, widening of the mainline, and improvements to adjacent local streets. Under project manager Jamal Salman, the project team completed all document preparation according to Caltrans standards, with ongoing reviews and refinements by involved agencies and stakeholders.



I-5/Hasley Canyon Road Interchange Roundabout PR/ED/PS&E

ACT Consulting supported the improvements to the I-5/Hasley Canyon Road interchange in North Los Angeles County. This project greatly increased the capacity of the interchange and local roadways while minimizing impacts to the surrounding properties. The project involved the design of two modern roundabouts and the north-bound and southbound ramps of I-5 at Hasley Canyon Road and the intersection of The Old Road; widening of Hasley Canyon Road and The Old Road to six lanes; associated modifications to the Hasley Canyon Road Overcrossing structure; and drainage, signal, and lighting improvements. Prepared under the direction of project manager Jamal Salman, this project was the first in California to incorporate freeway ramps and local traffic into roundabouts on each side of the interchange.

The interchange improvements we required to be coordinated with other larger corridor efforts along I-10. The PA/ED phase was delivered on an accelerated schedule in order to provide quick relief to the neighboring cities. The project was transitioned quickly into the PS&E phase to capitalize on available funding. Close coordination was required between agencies and other stakeholders to ensure the endorsement of the roundabout concept.


Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Bus Stop Modification Project

The ADA Bus Stop Modification Project included field studies, inventory and design of bus stop zone areas, adjacent accessible paths, and access ramps in 33 cities (including the City of Irvine) in Orange County to comply with the current Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG). The project involved the preparation of plans, specifications, and estimates for 2,800 bus stop locations at over 1,300 City and Caltrans intersections throughout Orange County, many of which serve major OCTA transit facilities.

As a prime consultant, ACT Consulting prepared the PS&E for the design of bus stop modifications and access ramps to bring them up to current ADA standards. The improvements were broken into 10 construction packages, and implemented over several years, working from north to south. An extensive coordination effort was required for the proposed improvements with each city as well as with Caltrans. ACT also provided design support during construction. As part of the project deliverables, ACT has developed a web-based project control database to manage project documents, including construction contract documents, site photographs, Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping of project sites, existing field/site data, and project correspondence.


Caltrans District 7 On-Call Project Development and Design Services , Los Angeles County, CA.

ACT Consulting is currently providing on-call project development and design services while supporting Caltrans to improve State facilities in southern Los Angeles County on routes including I-5, I-405, I-710, SR-60, and SR-91, among others. The services being provided include the preparation of engineering study reports, preliminary design studies, Plans, Specifications, and Estimate (PS&E), landscape architecture, hydraulic engineering, and design support during construction.

  • Task Order 5 - Utility Identification/Engineering on SR-91, I-5, and I-405.

ACT Consulting is supporting the effort to positively identify utilities along the SR-91, I-5, and I-405 corridors, for inclusion into larger Caltrans District 7 project development effort to improve curb ramps in various locations. This effort has included collecting and reviewing as-built plans and other available information for existing utility facilities, as well as conducting a field review of each curb ramp location. In addition, several utilities have been potholed to positively identify their location, the results of which ACT Consulting staff has been responsible for recording the location, depth to underground facilities, and proximity to existing features.