Advanced Civil Technologies is a group of professional engineers with extensive experience in highway design, public works, and transportation engineering. Incorporated in 1996, ACT has the resources and expertise to deliver quality work for projects of any size. We have significant experience working with Caltrans Districts 7, 8, & 12; Metro, RCTC, SANBAG, OCTA, TCA; Counties of Orange, Riverside, and Los Angeles, and multiple cities.

ACT is familiar with the constraints and challenges of projects involving traffic studies, transportation support, floodplain and hydrology studies, water quality studies, and environmental reviews and permitting. Our team has provided comprehensive support on major highway design and urban transportation projects throughout Southern California. Because of the range of projects that we have worked on, we have extensive experience and familiarity with Caltrans design policies and procedures. We also have successfully complete project for cities and municipalities that have given us insight into their unique requirements and expectations.

Advanced Civil Technologies principals are committed to making our clients’ needs our first priority. Because of our efficient size, we are able to provide cost-effective delivery, localized decision making, and immediate responsiveness. We invest every effort into delivering high-quality, efficient, and community-sensitive planning and design projects.

ACT is headquartered in Santa Ana, California, with a second office located in Ontario, California, and is certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) through the California Unified Certification program (CUCP) by Caltrans. We are also certified as a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) through Metro.


Experience and Knowledge

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Through the extensive experience of our key personnel and our recent experience working with on roadway and environmental projects, ACT has the background and knowledge to efficiently complete any assignment. Our experience includes numerous projects delivered on expedited schedules, including projects that involve a thorough understanding traffic studies, transportation support services, water quality and hydrology studies. No matter the size or complexity of the project, Advanced Civil Technologies can supply a team to successfully deliver the outcomes that our clients require.


The Advanced Civil Technologies team has the resources, knowledge, and familiarity to develop creative solutions from the preliminary

engineering phase through final design and construction. Among the services we offer are:

• Project/Program Management

• PS&E

• Highway Design

• Interchange Reconfiguration

• Traffic Handling/MOT

• Floodplains

• Environmental Reviews/Permitting

• Feasibility Studies

• Major Investment Studies

• Traffic Analysis




Commitment to Successful Delivery


Advanced Civil Technologies is committed to working with our clients to successfully deliver any task order assigned. We maintain a highly qualified staff that will work with clients and project partners on a day-to-day basis and provide a with the depth of expertise to deliver any project assigned. ACT has a proven project delivery approach that emphasizes schedule, budget, quality, and risk controls. To learn more about us, visit our project pages or review our services.