Preserving the Environment, from the Rugged Mountains to the Shimmering Coast

Whether large or small, highway and roadway projects can have a major impact on the surrounding landscape. It’s important to ensure that any pursuit will not have a negative affect on flora and fauna, not to mention the surrounding community. Environmental considerations such as erosion, water quality and runoff, air quality, impact scenic resources, disruption of protected wildlife, noise volumes, paleontological sites, and designated historical locations are just a few of the factors to be evaluated when pursuing any sort of civil engineering project.

ACT’s staff are fully aware of all considerations that need to be addressed for highway and roadway projects. Our experienced team is capable of producing all necessary studies and reports for environmental issues, including:

·        Water Quality Assessment Report

·        Summary Floodplain Encroachment Report

·        Location Hydraulics Study

·        Paleontological Identification and Evaluation Report

·        Archaeological Survey Report

·        Historic Property Survey Report

·        Historic Resources Evaluation Report

·        Natural Environment Study – Minimal Impact

·        Air Quality Assessment

·        Noise Study Report

Additionally, our leadership possess extensive experience with numerous local agencies, including Caltrans, LA Metro, OCTA, SBCTA, and RCTC. As such they are familiar with the unique environmental requirements and permitting processes specific to Southern California’s many diverse regions.